Texico New Mexico Ferret Rescue is OPEN

Welcome to the internet home of Texico Ferret Rescue. We have now been in operation for going on 16 years, since Jan 1, 2006.

NOTICE: Due to the complications of Covid-19 we have expanded our network, matching those giving up their ferrets with adopters.

When ferrets become available, we list them on our Facebook page. We no longer have ferrets on site in Texico.

There is no fee for this service. It is up to the two parties to work out the details, including rehoming fees, etc…

We handle the networking. You handle the rest. 

Our Facebook page is here:


Read this part carefully:

Remember, ferrets are active animals and need plenty of out of cage time. Ferrets have sharp teeth, fangs! Ferrets are not suitable pets for small children.

Our staff is small and all work regular jobs day and night. If you need to contact us, leave a message and someone will get back to you when possible.

Texico Ferret Rescue is a not-for-profit organization. We are privately funded.