About TFR

Texico Ferret Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of the domestic ferret. Like many dogs and cats, ferrets also have a high abandonment rate. The reasons are multiple, but no less heartbreaking. In a hard economy many family pets have to be sacrificed when the owner becomes unable to afford to care for the animal. Other life changes can include having to move to a new location that does not allow pets. Other times, people become ill and are often unable to care for their beloved ferts.

That is where Texico Ferret Rescue comes in. TFR provides a safe haven for ferrets when their owners are dealing with life changes. This includes, but is not limited to:

*Adoption Services – The re-homing of a ferret or ferrets into a safe environment where the animal(s) will be cared for for the remainder of their life span. This is usually done when people are interested in relinquishing permanent custody of their ferret(s).

Note: Adoptive homes are screened for suitability. A completed application and face to face interview at your home is required by those who wish to adopt a ferret. There is a $150.00 dollar fee for adoption.

*Permanent Residency – Now and again ferrets come in who are too old or ill (or with other special needs) to be considered for immediate adoption. In cases such as these, the ferret will be fostered on site until they recover or are able to be adopted out. Ferrets who are too elderly to be moved will be kept on site for the remainder of their lives.

*Temporary Residency – This service is provided to those who need help in caring for their ferret(s) during times of flux or change. For example, we often host ferrets whose owners are in the process of moving or changing jobs and need a temporary home for their pets. Owners can arrange to visit the facility to make sure it meets the needs of their ferrets. With temporary residency, ferrets may be reclaimed at any time.