Common questions answered:

Q: What happens when I give up my ferret(s)?

A: Texico Ferret Rescue will arrange to pick up your ferret(s), cage and any other accessories that come with the animal. You can also arrange to drop your ferret off and visit the facility. Once we know a ferret or ferrets are being given up for adoption, we then assess the ferret’s health, age and temperament. After the ferret is checked we begin the adoption process.

Note: We treat elderly ferrets with special care, and will not send them out unless an extra-caring owner can be located. In most cases, elderly ferrets live on site at the rescue until they pass away.

Q: So how can I adopt a ferret?

A: Ferrets are in high demand and there is usually a long waiting list. You are required to fill out an application. No application, no consideration. Be patient! Sometimes it can take months for a ferret to become available. We never know when ferret(s) are coming in.

When a ferret comes in that meets your criteria, we will give you a call and let you know the status of your ferret. At this time, you have usually completed the application and have been approved. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Should a problem develop, you are required to contact TFR or another ferret shelter immediately! DO NOT give your ferret away and DO NOT let it loose outside! If it turns out that you are unable to keep or care for your ferret, you are required to return it to a safe facility. Depending on the circumstance, we may or may not refund your money. Refundable circumstances include illness, allergies, or other trouble you couldn’t avoid that endangers the ferrets. Circumstances like simply changing your mind (pet remorse) would be considered a non-refundable circumstance. We go through a lot of trouble to match ferts with their new owners and it isn’t cheap to do.

If you can’t agree or abide by our terms, you will not acquire a ferret from Texico Ferret Rescue.

Q: Okay, I understand the rules. So how much does all this cost?

A: There is a $90.00 fee per each ferret adopted.  1 ferret equals $90.00. 2 ferrets equal $180.00, and so on. This helps defray costs of running the shelter, which includes transport services to other towns to pick up the ferrets.

Note: We do not charge you to pick up and re-home your ferret. If you want to donate cages, food, or other supplies, feel free.

Q: Why can’t I  get a ferret  right away?

A: Thorough screening allows the adopter to think about the responsibility and cost of adopting a ferret(s).

Q: Will I need to spay or neuter my ferret?

A: No. The ferrets are already spayed or neutered by Marshall Farms before they are sent to pet stores.

Q: I am going on vacation. Will you board my ferret(s)?

A: We no longer offer boarding services.

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