Ferret Care

Ferrets as pets

Deciding to add a new member to the family is a big decision and should never be made on impulse when you see a cute furry little character peering at you from behind a cage, no matter how adorable they look. You must ensure you have the time and ability to commit to the animal as they will not be there for only your amusement, they need to live a healthy active life just like the rest of us.

Ferrets require care, they need fresh food and water, and the cage needs to be cleaned regularly along with litter being removed and replaced, are you sure you can handle this?

 Are you willing to spend all the time needed to become fully acquainted with your new baby? Do you have much going on in your life already where another addition, chore and person to worry about would cause stress? Does the flat or apartment you live in allow pets to be kept? These are just some of the things to consider before you go out and buy a pet ferret, more to come…

 What will you do when you go on holiday; will there be room in the car for a cage so you can take your ferret with you? Do you have someone who is able and willing to look after your ferret while you are on holiday?

 Most ferrets these days are neutered before they are sold to you, if they don’t female ferrets can die from aplastic anemia if they do not breed. Male ferrets can become hostile and over aggressive if they are not neutered. Are you sure you are able to obtain a neutered ferret from your area or will you be able to swallow the cost of paying for the surgery yourself?

 Like many pets, ferrets may require attention from a professional veterinarian such as routine physicals and vaccinations, are you able to afford these extra costs?

 If you are buying a ferret for your child, are you sure that they will continue loving the pet for years and years to come, or is there a danger of them getting bored with it and not giving it the care and attention they need?

 With the correct love, care and attention a healthy ferret will live up to 7 years old, are you ready for this long-term commitment?

 When you read the previous questions it makes you think, it is not our intention to put you off caring for a ferret, it is quite the opposite, we just want you to understand that it is a full time responsibility caring for a pet ferret. If you think you can handle it and are inspired.

Source: Ferretcare.org