Our Story

Texico Ferret Rescue is presently a local operation, which began with the adoption of one little ferret named Coda. Over 10 years ago, Coda was given up by her owner for re-homing. Since I was working with cats and kittens at the time, I decided not to keep the ferret. An adoption was arranged and Coda was dropped off at her new home.

And then a phone call came in. Coda’s new owner was less than enamored with the odor of a ferret and wanted to give her up. What to do?

I reluctantly trekked back and picked up the homeless ferret. No one wanted her. I wasn’t really sure I wanted her. However she has no place to go, so I took her home and settled her in, cage and all. I knew nothing about ferrets and began to study up on the critters so she would be well kept. Although it was not my intention at the time, Coda soon took over and made herself a member of the family. In short order, she was joined by Biggie and Baby, two older ferrets purchased out of the Thrifty Nickel in Amarillo. A year later, Rascal joined the group and rounded out the number to four. My fert family was complete,

As the keeper of 4 ferrets, I soon began to hear from pet-shop owners that there were no rescue facilities for ferrets in the local vicinity. Given that many places in the area sell ferrets, it seemed inconceivable there were no ferret rescues.

It was then the idea of founding such a venture began to percolate, one which would take much planning and more than a little bit of money. Not only did I need an adequate space for the ferrets to live, it needed to be heated for winter, air conditioned for summer and have electricity and running water for cleaning and care of the ferrets. Though it took months to plan and arrange, the ferret facility began to take shape.

Texico Ferret Rescue officially opened its doors during the holidays of 2006. Since that time, the ferret rescue has been operating at full capacity.

Although now she is quite elderly, Coda is still alive. I estimate her age to be around 7-8, as I am unsure how old she was when I acquired her. She is still a darling.

Update: Coda passed away on August 28, 2011.  She lived to a ripe old age and was surrounded by her many fert companions as she slipped into twilight.